Monday, November 7, 2011

The Latest Updates from Google, Set to Boom SEO/SMO Field.

As we all know that there are some changes done by google in Google's algorithm. The latest changes to the Google algorithm are good news for the go getters out there among the SEO and SMO world and bunch of bad news for those who are content to rest on their laurels. The latest Google update brings with it an appetite for freshness i.e. only fresh content. Google has stated that it realizes, a lot like cookies, that people like content, but they especially like it when that content is unique. There is a lot of merit to that chain of thought.

For some time now, many have complained about Google's up and downs. People were thinging that top results in particular searches which it gives thats fine, but very old dated. The information were heavily linked while fresh and relevant that they became almost impossible to come in the search rankings. Now with this Amazing change, in a number of heading where timeliness makes a difference, you won’t have to deal with finding top results that are weeks old on an evolving issue like Occupy Wall Street is at this time.

Every Process takes time to implement, in the same way It will also take time for changes to really work, but once they do, Google estimates that about 35% of searches will be impacted by this. Some Infomation can't bechange, but it is possible that something which is modifies on a schedule will see a difference. One SEO Expert given his view that he hoped to see this spill over to searches like commercial business listings only. He stated that his searches centered on businesses, both for his professional and personal needs, returned top search results that were so old information, which is useless for him.

I think this change is very helpful on several levels, and unlike the other changes to the Google algorithm, its is one that actually makes a good and valuable sense to many SEO Experts. Basically, it takes away the thinking that you can simply make a commercial site big with hundreds or thousands of links pouring in only to sit back and do nothing. That type of strategy did work great for many commercial sites, but they were poor in many ways to its visitors because the information they are getting is really old. Now, the game has changed, and a good SEO copywriter and seasoned SMO are about to be at the top of everyone’s wish list for the holiday season.

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