Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Pro and Cons of On-Page Optimization.

In Search Engine Optimization,  The On-Page factors that effect on your  commercial website or blog, in organic search engine results. all of the factors are controlled by Seo Expert and the Process is Called as On-page Optimization. It requires HTML code, meta tags, keyword density, keywords are the examples of on-page optimization.

 Today, I am gonna tell you some do and don't in on page optimization. these tips will help you rank first in major search engines and will help you maintain good pagerank.

  On-Page Optimization Tips - Things to be Done. 

     1. Make a use of your website's keyword in domain name.
     2. Make a use of your main targeted keywords in the Title tag.
     3. Make a use of your main keyword in Meta Description.
     4. Mention all your keywords in meta keywords.
     5. Add your link in the outgoing links using anchor text around them.
     6. Make a use of header's fonts, like H1, H2, H3.
     7. Make a use keyword proximity.
     8. Create a site map using your websites keywords in the descriptions.
     9. Make a use of your all keywords in the Content of your website with a Formula= Number of keywords/total words in content*100.

  On-Page Optimization Tips - Things to be Avoid.

     1. Avoid repetition of your websites keywords, and maintain the standard density
     2. Do not use much flash content.
     3. Do not have much Outbond Links.
     4. Avoid linking to link farm sites.
     4. Avoid redirecting with refresh meta-tags.
     5. Do not use too many keywords, and unwanted content to your site.
     6. Excessive javascipt must be avoided, and avoid frames also in web pages.

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