Saturday, February 4, 2012

SEO Expert's 3 Affordable SEO Techniques

If your online business getting ranked on the first page of Search Engine results means you are doing great business. and if you don't have then here are some affordable SEO Processes from SEO Expert Suresh Chaudhary for your small or large scale online businesses :

(1) Determine the SEO needs of your online business:

This is the initial and very important step to take first. Many Experts SEO people skip this, since it looks clear. But a complete review about your online business will give you much benefits. What is the current position and at what position you want to be? Would you like the telephone? Become on the first page of Search engine results? This is essential whenever you are picking out efficient search terms called as Keywords.

(2) Make Keywords, which denotes your business:

What are Keywords?
Keywords are the effective search term for your business which denotes your online business or we can say which identify your online business(website), when a user search related to your business.

The Great Keywords or Search term must be related with your business targets and become inside particular useful search ranges and its helpful for your business too. for instance if you are advertising your own "used bike" or "old car", including bike or car as your main term is not helpful, you will be listed on page 300. Rather, "online used bike" or "old car online" are the best solutions.

(3) Blog Posting :

Its a must thing your website should have. Blog tells about your online business, about your offers, about your updates, about anything of your website. You can post here any kind of information or update related with your website, which is helpful for your keywords to come up in Search Engine Ranking. Search Engine loves the website which is keep updating its unique content.

Hope you like these three affordable SEO Technique.

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