Thursday, April 24, 2014

E-commerce Business in India 2014

The very first thing that I would like discuss is about E-commerce, what is E-commerce?

E-commerce stands for Electronic commerce, it’s a type of website and hope everyone knows what Websites are? E-commerce sites helps in any type of business or the place where we can buy and sell the products over internet. It requires commercial transaction which needs some sensitive data across the internet. If we buy anything online we have to give our name, address, number etc and the bank details for paying the respective item. And now we have one more advantage in most of the Electronic commerce portals and that advantage is COD that is Cash on Delivery. There you don't require giving bank details and all you just have to pay the courier person for your item and then Courier Company gives the money to respective E-Commerce portal.

E-commerce website gives a platform to customers to buy products or services with no tension of time or distance. E-Commerce business has expanded rapidly over the last three years and most of the business tycoons has already predicted that it continue at this rate and even more. This is what all about a E-Commerce.

Now the main point E-commerce Business India, How it can help small vendors to grow the business?

E-commerce website provides lots of good business features which includes Document content management in supply chain system and logistics systems, Payment systems in India and international as well, Enterprise Management System, Bulk buying, Bulk Selling, Online procedure and assistants, Instant mailing and messaging to the customers, Online shopping and order tracking system, Online banking, payments gateways interactions, Shopping cart applications and many more.

Now the small Vendors don't need to have a website or platform to sell the goods online. E-Commerce sites gives the platform to business companies to sell their products online on E-Commerce portals like Flipkart, Homeshop18, Infibeam, Jabong etc.

These are the well implemented ecommerce portals, which are faster, cheaper and more convenient to the customers than the regular methods of bartering products and services.

If you are planning to start an business online, You can simply contact these big portals in India rather making your own website or e-commerce portal. It is best to tie up with the Big Brands India because they already have a good traffic and online presence of respective Brand. You just have to find your niche e-commerce portal and start your business with them. And one more important thing is shipping, These big portals are tied up with the Big shipping brand which they take into consideration. The pickup guy will come to your doorstep to pick, Simple and easy.

Lastly, every business need a marketing strategy for driving targeted traffic to the business the selling. This problem is also solved with the Big eCommerce portals because they already well known in market, have a good traffic, so you just need to tie up with them and you will get the traffic on their name. E-Commerce gives a good platform to your products and services in India. Go with that and take the benefit ;-), hope you like my post.

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