Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Basic Organic SEO Factors

Organic Search Engine Optimization is an easy technique to make your website search engine friendly to find your website and show in result when someone(user) searches the relevant keyword related with your niche. It is an important thing to do for your website because if your website is not search engine friendly then your website wil not get a visitors from search engine. And if there is no visitor that means there is no business.

So here are some basic seo factors for individual SEO to keep in mind while starting doing SEO for any new website(new project).

1) Domain Extension that is .com or .net or .org or country specific
2) Page initializing Time that is Time taken by a Website to load page
3) Page Rank of the website
4) Alexa Rank of the website
5) Search engine like Google, Bing & Yahoo Indexed Pages and Back-Links from it
6) Check the Domain Age of a website
7) Canonical Redirection
8) Title & Meta Tags of Every page of a website
9) Header Tags of Every page of a website
10) Image Tags of Every page of a website
11) Xml sitemap
12) Html sitemap
13) Static or Dynamic URL analysis
14) Use of frames, Flash, Script in website.
15) Robots.txt
16) Google Webmaster tools Account of a website
17) Google Analytics Account of a website

All the factors mentioned above will give you the current basis status of your website and it will help you to recognize the areas, where SEO work is needed to improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

Hopefully these basic seo factors will helpful for your website's, Thanks.

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